Sennheiser e935 Dynamic Microphone

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Sennheiser e935 Dynamic Microphone



For those of you who have used an 800 series vocal microphone from Sennheiser, you will no doubt be aware that even they offer a better high frequency roll-off to many of the competitors. So, it makes sense that as you step up to the 900 series – and most notably the e935 that is going through the wringer this month – you end up with an even better result. If you want clarity and that added sparkle that usually requires a condenser microphone to achieve, you are going to love the sound of the e935. Its top-end is to die for, and allows plenty of room for a good engineer to work with if you want to really narrow in on a certain tone. Because of this, you can use it for in instrument microphone too is you so desire, with plenty of width in the frequency range to meet most needs in this area.



The improved electronics and capsule in the 900 series means you get a higher gain from this microphone to similar models 
in the 800 series. That means more volume and a bigger, richer sound without having to drive the gain controls on your mixer too hard. Furthermore, this offers that little added safety net from feedback beginning, allowing the vocals to be pushed up in the mix as they are needed. The cardioid polar pattern offers decent side rejection without the voice of the user dropping away too abruptly when they move
 off axis slightly. You don’t need to swallow this microphone, nor hold tight right in front of it to get a consistent sound. It allows the user to control their dynamics manually without fear of their vocals dropping right out of the mix when they move too far from the capsule.


This is not only a great sounding and excellent performing microphone, it looks the part too. Really, there are very few stages I could imagine that wouldn’t be improved by an upgrade to a Sennheiser e935. I can honestly stand up to back this microphone as I own two myself and continue to choose them over other microphones for a range of applications.


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