Samson DK707 7-Piece Drum Mic Kit

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Samson DK707 7-Piece Drum Mic Kit



Out of the box, we find a plastic carry case to house 
all the microphones in this kit. It’s fairly compact given that it contains seven microphone and mounts. There are four Q72 dynamic tom/snare microphones, which all have fixed mic stand attachments. These are complimented by four drum mounts. There is a Q71 kick drum microphone, which includes a rubberised stand mount for reduced low frequency rumble through the stand itself. This can be removed and replaced with a range of other microphone clips if you would prefer. Completing the selection are two C02 pencil style condenser microphones for either an overhead pair, or for hi-hats and a single overhead application. But, the mounts don’t totally suspend and isolate the microphone, they only reduce minor vibrations. Stands used on a wooden fl
oor might need some extra treatment.


Across the board, these microphones offer a good sound. There is plenty of thump from the large diaphragm kick microphone and the condensers certainly offer plenty of sparkle in the high frequencies. Most of all, the tom/snare microphones boost or cut at carefully selected frequencies (low – 40Hz, low
 mid – 360Hz, high mid ­– 800Hz, high – 10kHz) and two additional tone controls which add an even greater level of flexibility. The VPF (Variable Pre-shape Filter) sits at 380Hz, and the VLE (Vintage Loudspeaker Emulator) which lives in the 250Hz-20Hz range: The
VLE it has the ability to remove ‘modern’ sounding frequencies that may be perfect for some styles but not for others, leaving behind a deliciously vintage can and will handle very high SPLs, so you can place them right in close to the drum heads.


It is often the little things 
that can make or break an idea like this. The drum mic kit is 
by no means a new idea; every microphone manufacturer has delivered one or more at some stage. But they don’t always get it right. Samson are on the mark with this setup as it keeps things as simple as possible and reduces setup time greatly. 


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