Neumann KMS105 Condenser Microphone

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Neumann KMS105 Condenser Microphone



Let’s face it, the Germans do know how to design and build something truly special, which is just what they have done with the KMS105. This sleek looking design is not only lightweight, but very comfortable in the hands. It almost feels like you are holding a prop and not the real thing, but the sound it delivers lets you know just what is in your hands. As per usual, the first thing I did when I got my hands on this microphone was to screw it apart and see how she was constructed. Well, no worries here, the capsule is very well suspended within the grille housing so you can be a little rough with it and not be too concerned about excessive handling noise. The grille itself is very firm and looks ready to handle all the usual bumps and scratches without giving way or coming apart from the frame.



When red up, this microphone delivers on a promise to keep your voice sounding as natural and clear as possible. Dynamic control is the key with the KMS105, as it allows you to control your voice and not have to scream into the capsule to do so. It responds beautifully to changes in dynamics, yet it still offers plenty of side rejection from unwanted sound sources on a noisy stage. The good thing is that although it is sensitive enough to capture the dynamic phrasing in your voice, it doesn’t have a reach that extends its capabilities to other instruments around the stage, keeping a very tight isolated sweet spot. What this means is that you don’t need to worry about excessive environmental noise or nasty feedback traps on loud stages just because you are using a condenser microphone. The KMS105 gives you all the benefits of a condenser in sound reproduction, but doesn’t seem to have the negatives that can be associated with similar microphones. Put simply, using this microphone is going to be a tribute to your voice and your audience should be very grateful when you do. 


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