Carl Martin Pro Power V2 Power Supply

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Carl Martin Pro Power V2 Power Supply



Hailing from Denmark, Carl Martin produce a host of effects, amps and accessories including switchers, buffers and power supplies. Following on from their original Pro Power, the upgraded V2 sees 8 individual isolated and regulated 9v – 12v outputs (150mA each) with outputs 7 and 8 able to be extended to 350mA at 9v or 300mA at 12v. The whole unit is housed in a tough casing (in you guessed the colour – black) and can be switched between 110v or 230v, meaning it’ll be compatible in a range of countries too.


So you’ve got your board together and you want to incorporate a power supply. The Pro Power V2 will sit comfortably under a lot of mass produced boards which often come pre-slotted for brackets and the like. Otherwise it’s easy enough these days to afix it securely whilst still giving you access to the outputs. I’ve also often sat a power supply on top of my board with Velcro like you would a pedal and even sat a tuner on top of it. The Pro Power V2 is about the average size for a power supply of this ilk (17cm x 9 x 4.5) so you should have no problems however you want to attach it. Once it’s in place you then get your power options cracking – 2.1mm jack, battery clip, 1/8 jack, 2.1mm jack (negative barrel, positive tip) and some 2.5mm jack plugs (neg/pos and pos/neg polarity) plus some voltage doubling cables. These should cover a lot of ground with your effects and it’s then as easy as selecting 9 or 12 v for each output via the DIP switches on the back.


If you’re running multiple pedals you really owe it to yourself to get a power supply. It centralises the whole power thing, performs better than a daisy chain, is generally quieter and really – think about the amount of money players spend on their pedals to only power them with a $3 daisy chain and wall wart from your local electronics store. Doesn’t really make a lot sense.