Klotz LaGrange LAGPR0300 Guitar Cable

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Klotz LaGrange LAGPR0300 Guitar Cable




The LaGrange is made in Germany. At the heart of its construction is a high-quality copper core for the lowest possible microphony (in other words, so it doesn’t make crackly noises like a packet of chips nor squelchy noises like dog food sliding out of a can when you move it around, like some cords do). The core is surrounded by an extra conductive plastic layer shield, there’s extra-thick dielectric for ultimate conductor insulation, and a lead-free ultra- durable jacket. The cable itself has extremely low capacitance of 67 pF/m resp. 20 pF/ft, which is a techy-sounding way of saying that your signal will retain plenty of clarity and headroom as it travels through the cable, rather than having key elements of your sound chopped off, reduced or otherwise neutered. Neutrik plugs are used, and the review model has one right angled and one straight plug each with gold contacts. Numerous lengths are available with your choice of nickel or gold contacts, and either two straight plugs or one straight and one angled. The review model is 3 metres/10 feet, and there are also 1.5m, 4.5m, 6m and 9m versions.




This is a very transparent- sounding cable, which is great for those who play clean a lot of the time, or who use a lightly overdriven sound. You’ll retain the high end, which is always important, but it’s interesting to note a little more fullness to the lows too. My particular Fender Stratocaster is a pretty dark-sounding one compared to most other Strats, but with this cable it takes on a little more of the traditional Strat sparkle than it otherwise would have. I also noticed nice amounts of headroom and detail in my Ibanez 8-string, which has Seymour Duncan Pegasus and Sentient pickups hooked up to a BMP-1 modular preamp that effectively turns passive pickups into active ones. This guitar sounded quite focused, even on the lowest notes.




You owe it to your tone to use nice cables, and this is a heck of a nice cable. The low noise is a great bonus but what really sells it is the clarity and faithfulness of the tone.