Gator Pro-Go Series Guitar Bags

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Gator Pro-Go Series Guitar Bags



We musicians take a lot of pride in our instruments, so it makes sense to look for a case that can adequately protect them. Prior to spending some time with Gator’s Bass Guitar Bag, I’d never considered anything else than the same hard case I’ve been using for years. However, I’m pleased to say I was genuinely surprised at how sturdy the construction is with the Pro-Go line – exempli ed on their best-selling bass guitar bag. It became clear to me very early on that I could zip my favourite bass up into the bag and not worry about it any further. Featuring ultra-thick padded sidewalls for added protection, micro-fleece interior that wont damage the instrument’s finish and a protective rain cover – these things are built to keep your bass of choice safe.


Not only that, the case is capped off with numerous small design details that really make the experience of loading in and out of venues easier, faster and a whole less heavier. The backpack style straps are fully adjustable, meaning you could tighten it high enough to ride a bike to the gig if you were game enough. At least you’d get more out of the rider, right? The bag is nished with a bunch of handy zipper pockets with purposefully designed spaces for sheet music, an iPad, a couple of pedals and cables.



Sporting the same durable and well thought out construction of its smaller sibling, the Pro-Go 2X Guitar Bag allows you to zip two guitars back-to-back into the same case, separated by a thick plush wall. Again, this was something I’d never considered before. But after using it for a few solid days of rehearsals and gigs, I was hooked. Usually, bringing more than one guitar along to a show is just too much of a hassle for me. With a solution like this however, it makes bringing a pair of guitars around in nitely more manageable.


In practice, this means it has never been easier to have a spare instrument on hand in case of a mid-set string breakage, or to have a second guitar ready to go in an alternate tuning. While loading two guitars into the same case does add a little more weight to deal with, it’s nothing unmanageable. In my experience, it was actually less of a strain to carry two guitars on my back than bust through the venue’s doors with a hard case in each hand. Finally, the bag itself is made from weather resistant nylon. As I found out after playing a gig that flooded on a particularly rain soaked evening, this does indeed work a treat.



Let’s be honest. A quality gig bag isn’t the most exciting piece of gear you might purchase in 2016. However, spend a week with any option from Gator’s Pro-Go series and you’ll wonder how you ever managed without one. This is an excellent choice for the working musician who wants both convenience and quality.