Vox V860 Volume Pedal

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Vox V860 Volume Pedal

V860 (1).jpg


There really isn’t a lot going on here. And that is for the simple reason that there doesn’t need to be a lot going on. Trying to overcomplicate the matter or redesign the wheel – so to speak – is not what Vox set out to do with this pedal. No, they have simply ensured that it is functional and it isn’t going to affect your tone in any way that is unintentional. The passive design allows your signal to pass through unaffected if you wish, simply by leaving the pedal pushed all the way forward. This then has the same effect as extending your cable as the signal passes straight through the unit without any consequence. When you start rolling the pedal back, that is when the attenuator kicks in and the level begins to drop. It doesn’t change the tone, simply the overall volume. So you can control what level your signal is before it gets to your amp, allowing you to clean up your tone, or run it at its full volume for a dirtier response from you amp.


The connections for this pedal are all at the rear of the unit, allowing it to be kept nice and snug alongside other pedals on your board. An input and an output are there to allow the signal to pass through with a tuner output also included, so you can always send signal to your tuner without bypassing it along the way. Should you have the pedal pulled all the way back to mute your guitar signal, the tuner is still fed from its output, which is totally independent of the volume control.


Around the other end and beneath the pedal plate you will find a screw point that allows you to adjust the tension of the pedal’s axle. If you want 
a stiff and rigid pedal, tighten it up, or let it go for a loose action that allows for plenty of fast movement.


For more details, head to voxamps.com.