TC Electronic Sub ‘N’ Up Octaver

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TC Electronic Sub ‘N’ Up Octaver

sub n up.jpg


On the control board we have four knobs: dry, up, sub and
sub 2. Accompanying these
 is a three-position switch,
 which alternates between poly, TonePrint and classic. This is an enhanced level of control, the versatility of which is truly felt once you start to get your hands dirty. Poly offers smooth, fluid and immaculately responsive polyphonic pitch altering. It has been developed for the use of chords and, for the most part, stands up to the test of complex chord structures and multiple strings. Strumming is definitely something that you need to take into account – overly complex patterns can be the source of slight muddying. By increasing the ‘up’ octave here a beautifully smooth chime can be achieved, delivered with exceptional clarity and colour.


On the other end of the scale, leaning on either 
of the sub and sub 2 knobs will bring forth a bass-like curvature, and buzzing synth character. The added versatility of the sub 2 is felt most when working on the
 ‘e’ and ‘a’ strings, where bone-rattling riffs can be matched by a thunderous low-end. By switching to ‘classic’, the Sub ‘N’ Up cranks out a vintage monophonic octave sound, equipped with that familiar computerised warble. It’s nice to know that you can still run this through some dirty fuzz and add some desired oomph to
a well-defined riff. However I’m sticking to the poly mode, which is truly a joy to play through.


TC Electronic’s TonePrint technology is a game changer of behemoth proportion. This pedal is TonePrint enabled and thus can be equipped with custom-made signature tones from legendary artists, or be made to wield a personally customised tone, created from scratch. With added reverb and flange shimmering chords can sing and glisten. By offsetting the ‘up’ (3 o’clock) with the ‘sub’ (10 o’clock), the fluid nature of this combination can be accentuated and enhanced. With TonePrint capability, the creative options are endless.


Underneath the compact chassis – finished in bold, blue arrows and a striking red coat – is a high-functioning engine. This octaver is elevated beyond standard fare by a polyphonic mode that produces clear and dynamic octave tones. The use of TonePrint then takes it up another notch again. 


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