Reviewed: Positive Grid BIAS Distortion Twin

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Reviewed: Positive Grid BIAS Distortion Twin


Effect: Distortion

Expect To Pay: $399

Distributor: Link Audio



Recommended For:

Players looking for a wide range of overdrive/distortion/fuzz effects.



The Distortion Twin has ten presets built into the pedal itself. However, with the use of Positive Grid’s BIAS Pedal software, you can make as many different presets as your heart desires and mod them down to the finest of detail.



The pedal itself is very easy to use. Simply choose the preset you wish to use and from there you can adjust the gain, level, tone and blend to find your sweet spot. There is also a handy boost switch and control for situations where you need a little bit more grunt for solos and leads. The BIAS Pedal software is very easy to get around, and given that the pedal itself has Bluetooth capability, you can easily send presets straight from your iPad to the pedal instantly.



Honestly, this pedal feels like it would survive a nuclear explosion. The hefty metal casing is built to take a beating and the switches are incredibly robust.



If you’re looking for a distortion/overdrive pedal that gives you access to endless different tonal possibilities, then you should look no further.