Reviewed: Ampeg Opto Comp

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Reviewed: Ampeg Opto Comp


Effect: Compressor

Expect To Pay: $209

Distributor: Amber Technology



Recommended For:

Players fine-tuning their studio setup, particularly home studios.



The Opto Comp would squeeze a killer tone out of just about any electric instrument, even with limited controls. Played on a Gretsch G5435 pro jet guitar, Fender Jazz bass and Microkorg synthesiser, there didn’t seem to be any tonal walls it couldn’t squash.



This unit is a triple dial compressor pedal, offering creamy tones that flow instantly when engaged, with searing high fidelity thanks to an excellent signal to noise ratio. Gain, release and output level dials, however, do not account for tonal control or signal blending, something you’re better off turning to a heftier competitor for.



Ampeg, in keeping with its staunchly utilitarian functionality, has given the Opto Comp a plain white exterior with austere black labels. Much the same as the rest of their 2018 pedal line, the tech is housed within a very cosy 66mm x 114mm die cast metal enclosure, weighing just 0.27kg. Though brands like MXR and Joyo offer smaller compression pedals, the Opto Comp strikes a better size-functionality balance.



The Opto Comp Compressor is strictly business. As a compact augmentation to your pedalboard, it’s worth a look if you have a little money to spare in helping you attain a piercingly clean sound.