Samson Go Mic Connect

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Samson Go Mic Connect



The unique fold-out design of this microphone works in such a way that allows it to easily rest atop of the screen of your laptop or desktop computer, placing the microphone right in front of you. The folding arms have foam pads on them so they don’t scratch your computer and at the same time, get the required grip they need for the microphone to stay in place. It almost looks like a sound-bar style speaker atop of the monitor, although it works in a very different way. The designers have also taken into consideration the placement of most laptop webcams, usually being in the centre of the lid above the screen. The Go Mic Connect has a raised section in the middle of the casing to ensure that it doesn’t get in the way of your camera. After all, it is designed to work in conjunction with the camera for podcast recordings, so this is ideal. This mounting bracket can also be used to set the microphone up on the desktop and angle it up towards you too should you wish.



Being very compact, there is no room for large diaphragms to be in play, but the Go Mic Connect still delivers a very good quality audio capture. The stereo microphone capsules work together to deliver a rich full sound, which is focused on the seated position in front of the computer’s screen. So, with very little effort, a quick setup and fully powered from the USB connection that handles the audio transfer as well, you can now greatly improve the audio quality from your laptop for podcast recordings, Skype conversations or even for recording songwriting ideas and rehearsals where you might just want audio, or video as well.