Audio-Technica AT9934USB Condenser Microphone

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Audio-Technica AT9934USB Condenser Microphone



The AT9934USB is a compact microphone designed for home use when space is at a premium. Because users are not likely to have a separate audio interface with preamps and phantom power supplies, this little microphone sorts everything out for you in one simple package. Bus powered from the USB connection, all audio is passed in and out of the microphone itself with a headphone output supplied just next to the USB cable, so you can monitor as you record or play. The compact housing is matched
 by a compact capsule within, so although it gives off the impression of a large diaphragm microphone, it actually contains a smaller capsule than most vocal microphones generally do.



The supplied cradle and desktop tripod pop out in a moment 
and the microphone simply slides down into the holder ready for you to angle at the desired position. It’s very easy to set up and only takes a few moments for any halfway decent computer to recognise it and have it ready for assignment to a specific software platform. Sadly, the USB cable is fixed
 in the base of the microphone, so if it gets damaged you can’t replace it, and you are fixed to using the length supplied rather than changing to a different length cable. But that is only a minor gripe. Its front facing panel has a toggle switch to increase or decrease input gain. Pressing this in mutes the signal, a perfect feature
 for playback through speakers without creating feedback. It’s a little cracker of a microphone, for the ease of use and results it delivers making it ideal for anyone wanting to capture their voice without needing to read a manual first. 


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