Sennheiser MKE2 Clipmic Digital

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Sennheiser MKE2 Clipmic Digital

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Sennheiser have made their big move into the world of iPhone recording by taking proven quality components and redesigning them to work with the smart phone format. This begins at the start of the signal chain with a Sennheiser ME2 microphone capsule. These are a great sounding capsule and used as a lapel style mic deliver great results with excellent rejection of ambient and room noise.


What Sennheiser realised was that there was no point having a quality microphone without the A/D conversion that was needed to do it justice. So, for this product, they have teamed up with Apogee to create this compact A/D converter that sits in line with the microphone cable just before the termination in the Lightning connector.



What is on offer with both the ME2 and the Apogee digital conversion is a level of clarity that you really wouldn’t expect to receive from a mobile phone recording. When used with the Apogee MetaRecorder App, it’s simple and easy to capture great quality vocal recordings from meetings, presentations and television or film applications. The compact microphone capsule clips onto the clothing and is unobtrusive, so it can be worn without it getting in the way. Obviously, being designed for a higher quality of digital conversion to other devices available, the ClipMic requires the use of the Lightning connector, so one of the later generations of iPad or iPhone will be required to operate the device. So, for those of you hanging on to your old phones, it might be time to finally upgrade.


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