Breedlove Oregon Dreadnaught Acoustic Guitar

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Breedlove Oregon Dreadnaught Acoustic Guitar



Made in Oregon, the aptly named ‘Oregon Dreadnaught’ features some usual suspects in the woods department with Sitka spruce, hard rock maple and ebony. The real eye catcher here is the Myrtlewood back and sides. Blonde with a killer grain it almost looks like a piece of driftwood that’s washed up on a beach somewhere. Adding further to the overall cool factor are the fret markers which are single dots on the top side of the fret- board up until the ninth fret. They then swap to the bottom side for the remainder of the guitar. Still serving their intended purpose it’s that little extra touch that feels fresh but still useful. Factor in the notched headstock shape and you’ve got some great visual features that combine for a classy, modern take on the traditional dreadnaught guitar. 




Breedlove have gone for a slim neck pro le across most of their line, with the OD also falling into that camp, still wide enough to be comfortable the  atter skinny shaping really allows you to wrap around it. A big thumbs up to the semi gloss finish too which seems to stay dry and slick unlike some higher gloss guitars. However, it should be pointed out that like its concert counterpart, this one can be picked up in a striking burst finish too. the validity of this design, but for me the OD sounded open and clear which I’m told will open up further over time such is the nature of Sitka Spruce. 




I really dig the Oregon Dread- naught. It’s something hip and a little different, but still very much a nice playing guitar. The choice of woods (the myrtlewood back in particular) look and sound great whilst the guitars cut and design work well for anyone from serious live players to your Sunday strummers. Win! 




I found the Oregon Dreadnought to be loud and clear with plenty of note de nition across the strings. Great for strumming and big chords but also responsive to  ngerpicking or single note lines up the neck. Perhaps this balance and de nition is the result of another of Breedlove’s design techniques at play in the form of the ‘graduated’ top. This initiative incorporates a top that is skinnier on the bass side and thicker on the treble side helping with tone, vibration and sustain, an interesting concept that Breedlove hang their hat on  rmly. You’ll be the judge of