Breedlove Oregon Concert Acoustic Guitar

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Breedlove Oregon Concert Acoustic Guitar




Similar to its Dreadnaught shaped cousin, the Concert features Sitka Spruce, Hard Rock Maple, Ebony and Myrtlewood. This model has gone a slightly different route however, with stain  nish back and sides. While the guitar is available in natural and burst variations, the review model I had featured a semi-gloss ‘whiskey burst’  nish for the top, very unique. Breed- love have also continued with the ‘asymmetrical headstock’ on the Oregon Concert, this time with the 3 a side look having a slightly more pointed edge. Different and edgy but still  ts with the guitar’s overall looks and styling.




I found this guitar to be a little better pronounced in the mid-range than the concer, and slightly more hi  with some added zing. There’s response and clarity, but not the huge EQ spectrum of some other guitars. I could see it working for quick lines and  at picking, but also chords and rhythm playing to sit into the mix without disturbing other instruments. The body sits more comfortably on your knee or curled up to our body than standing, and the thinner profiled neck is again in action for plenty of playing without fatigue.




You have to give a nod to Breed- love for adding a little bit of edge to their models. Myrtlewood seems like a different choice, but it pays off, and the Whiskey Burst  nish is well done and slightly different to your typical bursts on the market. The asym- metrical headstock looks a little more electric than traditional acoustic, but who said that’s a bad thing? I quite enjoyed the neck for a  atter C shape, which lets you whip around easily but still has the width to feel like you’re really going for each note and getting a clear sound. The guitar comes with a very nice hard case and features an LR- Baggs Element VT pickup system as standard. There’s a lot to like about this one.