Taylor 210ce Acoustic Guitar

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Taylor 210ce Acoustic Guitar




Sitka Spruce, rosewood, sapele and ebony are the woods of choice for the 210ce combin- ing with a satin fnish for a classy, understated look. The top contrasts nicely against the back and sides and the reddish tortoise guard tops off the guitar with its fowing retro shaping. Under the hood Taylor have gone with their ‘Expression System’ ES-T electronics which incorporates individual elements under each string into a single source transducer. This signal then runs into a 9 volt powered active on board preamp. Adding some clean modern touches you’ll also notice the fat, round button styled controls which are easy to operate at a pinch and the recessed battery compart- ment on the base of the guitar near the end pin. Little things I know but they still contribute to the overall look and feel of the instrument adding a touch of modern design and sensibility to a traditional style guitar. 




Along with a slightly refned dreadnought shape the 210ce also features a Venetian styled cutaway (it’s actually the fattest slope cutaway of their entire range) which adds some extra reach to the higher register. Aes- thetically I think this cutaway looks a treat, much more subtle and smooth than a deep curved cut and functionally it feels 




There’s a reason Taylor guitars are so popular, well actually many of them. The 210ce plays like a dream, the neck is fast and comfortable, there’s a great balance across the strings with strong clear tops and some added bass thanks to the dreadnaught shape. Flat pickers and big bashers will love its response, but subtleties aren’t lost on the 210ce either making it a solid all-rounder that more than makes the grade. Nice, nice, nice indeed!