Yamaha drops brand new range of streaming and gaming products

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Yamaha drops brand new range of streaming and gaming products

Words by Mixdown Staff

Includes new microphones, mixers, and a headset

Yamaha’s latest drop is catered to live streamers and gamers with the revitalised AG Series of mixers and the newly introduced ZG Series game streaming pack.

What you need to know:

  • Yamaha has released a slew of new products for live streamers and gamers.
  • The AG Series of mixers has been revitalised with new microphones to boot.
  • The ZG Series caters to gamers with a mixer and headset with a mic.

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The second generation of the AG Series sports new versions of the three and six-channel mixers, a brand new studio-quality condenser microphone, and a USB mic with an integrated high-performance mixer.

The updated three and six-channel mixers add two condenser mic options (AG06MK2), a mute button, an amp simulator, and an improved sound quality. 

Also featured is a four-pole mini I/O to support Android devices and enable mirrored streaming or voice chat streaming by simultaneously connecting the main streaming device via USB and the secondary streaming device to the four-pole mini jack.

The AG01 is a new model that integrates a studio-quality condenser mic with a mixer unit with onboard DSP, ‘loopback’ functionality, and flexible inputs.

The compact streaming station can also be powered by a mobile battery to enable streaming anywhere.

The YCM01 is a studio-quality condenser microphone to increase the vocal quality of whatever your application is.

The ZG Series game streaming pack includes the ZG01 mixer and the YH-G01 headset combined with a condenser microphone.

The mixer features gameplay-specific controls for voice chat and game streaming which allows for simple management of audio signals mid-session, while also including a HDMI port to connect to consoles and an effects button.

Keep your eyes peeled to Yamaha’s website for more information.