Wavefonix W314 is a perfect modular synth starter kit

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Wavefonix W314 is a perfect modular synth starter kit

Words by Sam McNiece

A complete synthesiser including housing and power supply.

For many, modular synthesis is an unattainable goal. The idea of purchasing a case and building up slowly may seem benign as apposed to buying a working synth with everything in order at the start. With the release of the W314, Wavefonix have bridged the gap, creating a modular synth that is ready to patch and fiddle right out of the box.

What you need to know:

  • W314 is a modular synthesiser comprised of 11 modules from Wavefonix’s extensive catalogue.
  • The fully fledged synth is perfect for beginners in the modular/eurorack world.
  • It’s enclosed in a wooden housing and comes plug and play featuring a power supply and patch cables.

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The boutique made to order UK modular brand have enabled entry level modular users in with this synth. Featuring eleven modules, a gorgeous housing and a power supply compatible to your region, it’s about as plug and play as you can get.

The 11 modules includes 4×4 buffered multiples, dual VCO, wavetable VCDO, 3 channel stereo mixer, low pass filter, envelope generator, linear/exponential VCA, voltage controlled envelope generator, noise generator, ring modulator and a versatile LFO.

With these and the ability to patch anything just about anywhere, there’s almost unlimited possibilities for sound generation and design.

Although, as creating your own modular rack is part of the fun, you can always add more modules and patch them in. The unit is a standard 3U and you could mix and match different modules into the synth.

A really unique module on this unit is the wavetable VCDO. It has quite a large swathe of interesting sounds it can produce, possibilities are really endless. Check out this unit in action below.

Check out the Wavefonix modular synth on their website.