Nembrini Audio’s Acoustic Voice makes your piezo pickups sound real

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Nembrini Audio’s Acoustic Voice makes your piezo pickups sound real

Nembrini acoustic voice
(Source: Nembrini Audio)
Words by Sam McNiece

Featuring a full signal chain from compression and EQ to reverb and delay.

Have you ever been dissatisfied with the sound of your piezo pickup? Nembrini Audio have, and in turn have developed the Acoustic Voice Preamp, a plugin designed to make your piezo sound like a professionally miked acoustic guitar.

What you need to know:

  • Nembrini Audio have released the Acoustic Voice Guitar Preamp plugin which is more than just a preamp.
  • The plugin is designed to make piezo guitar pickups sound as if they were miked up through a real acoustic in a studio space.
  • Acoustic Voice emulates 6 guitars, 3 microphones and can add compression, EQ, chorus, vibrato, delay and reverb to achieve this.

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“Turn your under saddle pickup into a studio grade PRO sounding full body elite instrument” – Igor Nembrini

Based on clever studio techniques, this plugin does all the hard yards in creating your perfect acoustic guitar sound. Utilising acoustic modelling, Nembrini Audio have created a plugin that emulates an acoustic guitar, in a studio, recorded through a microphone at different placements, run through a preamp and effects. Wild.

The plugin features six acoustic guitar emulations modelled after famous guitars from brands such as Gibson, Martin, Guild and Taylor. After dialling that in, there’s three microphone emulations to choose from, and you’re able to pinpoint where the mic is pointing on the simulated acoustic and how far away it is.

Acoustic Voice also features a three band EQ, one knob compression and distortion, high and low pass filters, reverb, chorus and vibrato. This thing can do it all it seems, acting as a complete solution for end to end acoustic guitar processing.

In addition to the piezo setting, Nembrini Audio have provided a switch for converting magnetic pickups into an acoustic guitar sound. Very cool.

For those looking for an all in one acoustic modelling plugin, look no further.

Check out this video below outlining the Acoustic Voice Preamp’s features.

For more information on this plugin, head to Nembrini Audio.