Waldorf unleash M: a wavetable synthesiser with a nod the Microwave

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Waldorf unleash M: a wavetable synthesiser with a nod the Microwave

Words by Sam McNiece

Wavetable synthesis with analog filters.

Waldorf, a brand synonymous with exceptional digital synthesis have returned with a homage to their early days with M. The versatile wavetable synth allows you to reproduce all the sounds present on their Microwave synth from the ’80s plus a whole lot more.

What you need to know:

  • Waldorf have announced a new wavetable synthesiser, M.
  • The synth is built in honour of their rack unit based Microwave synths and can reproduce all their characteristic sounds plus more.
  • There’s two wavetable oscillators, fully analog VCF and VCA components with 8 voice polyphony and over 2000 sound programs.

Read all the latest product news here.

User made wavetables on a hardware synth? That’s one versatile machine. Gone are the days of endless menu scrolling on Waldorf synthesisers, with the M having 45 knobs and 19 buttons, allowing for quick manoeuvring through most parameters. Four endless encoders combine well with the graphic display, allowing you to scroll through wavetables and more.

The M utilises an SSI 2144 Improved Ladder Type 24 dB/Octave analogue low pass filter and true stereo VCA to combine the digital wavetable side of things with smooth and warm analog componentry. Wavetables can be generated as they would be on the original Microwave with bitrates reduced to 8, or like the Modern Microwave II with 16 bit and 40kHz sample rate.

Waldorf add an arpeggiator to M, with 16 preset patterns, chord mode and the ability to sync the in-built MIDI connections for hardware jam sessions or DAW syncing. There’s also two LFOs for you to modulate your sound in any way you see fit.

In regards to connections, there’s six 1/4″ outputs, a headphone jack, MIDI in, out and thru with a USB-B and SD card slot available. Check out this video below introducing the M and some key features.

Check out Waldorf for more information on M and for local enquiries, get in touch with Link Audio.