Vola Guitar’s Oz and Vasti models receive modern updates with V3 editions

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Vola Guitar’s Oz and Vasti models receive modern updates with V3 editions

Words by Sam McNiece

Based on iconic T and S style guitars.

Hong Kong based, Japanese manufactured Vola Guitar, short for Voice of Life and Arts, update their Oz and Vasti guitar models for the modern guitar player.

What you need to know:

  • Vola Guitar have released updated models of their Oz and Vasti guitar models.
  • These two guitars are modern takes on two classic guitars adding a couple new features.
  • The updated designs feature modern ‘C’ neck profiles, cutaway neck joints and reverse headstocks.

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Oz and Vasti models from Vola are based on classic designs, adding a few updates to allow for greater playability.

Both V3 editions feature a reverse headstock, cutaway neck joints for easier access to the higher frets and ‘C’ shaped neck profiles which increases playability and is thinner than the previous iterations.

Oz V3

Featuring Gotoh hardware, with the Oz featuring a 510T-FE1 tremolo Bridge and locking tuners. The guitar has an Alder body, maple neck and satin finish on the backside of the neck for smoother performance. Pickups wise, the Oz has VS-1 single coil neck and middle pickups with a VHC humbucker and 5 way selector.

Vasti V3

The Vasti has a Ti-TC1 bridge and locking tuners, which are also from Gotoh. The T type guitar features an ash body, maple neck and satin neck finish, for a lightweight and ergonomic experience. There’s a VTS neck pickup and VDR bridge pickup with a 3 way selector. This model adds a push-pull to the volume knob allowing for an extra gain boost to the bridge pickup.

Check out a demo of these two guitars in action below.

Check out these guitars on the Vola Guitar website.