The Datsuns team up with Magnetic Effects for limited edition analogue phaser pedal Eye To Eye

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The Datsuns team up with Magnetic Effects for limited edition analogue phaser pedal Eye To Eye

Words by Sam McNiece

The pedal was created to celebrate The Datsuns new record.

With the latest in interesting marketing techniques, The Datsuns have announced a new pedal, Eye to Eye that shares the same name as their new record. Created by their guitarist Christian, the phaser pedal is a limited edition release.

What you need to know:

  • New Zealand rockers The Datsuns release an all-analogue phaser pedal to celebrate the release of new album Eye To Eye.
  • The pedal has been created by Magnetic Effects from the UK, run by The Datsuns lead guitarist, Christian.
  • The OTA-based phaser is capable of creating phasing effects from mellow to intense.

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Seven years since their last release, The Datsuns are back. Their new record, Eye To Eye is classic heavy rock n roll with a twist, and they have now released a custom phaser pedal of the same name.

The Datsuns Eye To Eye Phaser is a limited edition, 4-stage OTA mono phaser pedal. There’s all the classic bells and whistles you’d expect from a phaser too.

The pedal features knobs for Regen, Speed, Level, Mix and Sweep, a flick switch for rate and a True Bypass footswitch.

The flick switch controls low and high phasing frequencies, but when put in the middle position, disables the LFO and the pedal acts as a stationary filter.

This pedal has full dry/wet range through the Mix control, a wide Speed range, broad Sweep functionality and big feedback potential through its Regen control.

Magnetic Effects’ boast the pedal can produce phasing effects from “slow and swirly through to fast and intense”, making it a nice addition to any pedal board.

Each pedal is hand built in London, England by Christian through his Magnetic Effects brand.

The Datsuns new record is out now along with the phasing pedal, and you can check out one of the singles below.

Check out the Eye To Eye pedal on the Magnetic Effects website.