UDO Audio has released the Super 6 synthesiser in a desktop version

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UDO Audio has released the Super 6 synthesiser in a desktop version

udo audio super 6 desktop
Words by Eli Duxson

Boasting the same performance as its keyboard counterpart with ergonomic offerings!

UDO Audio have backed up their release of their debut Super 6 synthesiser with its very own keyboardless desktop version the Super 6 Desktop.

What you need to know:

  • UDO Audio have compacted their original Super 6 synthesiser into a desktop version without compromising functionality.
  • The Super 6 Desktop is a fully-featured Super 6 analogue-hybrid 12 voice synthesiser, housed in a newly designed all-metal chassis.
  • Available now for £1,949 (approx. AU$3,650).

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The module format boasts all the same sound and performance edit flexibility as the original with a variety of ergonomic working options.

Users have the option to lay the Super 6 Desktop flat on a table or angle it up thanks to its rear legs that pop out, while also having the option to keep it in a rack with the optional at an additional cost 7U mounting brackets.

Another nifty feature is the VESA mount compliance allowing you to attach to a slew of standard monitor stands.

If you need to jog your memory, the Super 6 was first unveiled at NAMM 2019, and is somewhat reminiscent of the classic polyphonic Juno and CS units from the ’80s, boasting a rich sound with plenty of knobs, faders and buttons to interact with each parameter. 

The sound engine of the Super 6 is also based around a hybrid FPGA platform with analogue voices, utilising 7-core super-wavetable oscillator with ‘Waveform Download’ as its main oscillator while a second DDS oscillator offers FM, sync, X-Fade and sub-oscillator modes. 

Think hyper-modern versatility with an irresistibly cool retro sheen, and you’re somewhere in the ballpark.

The UDO Super-6 Desktop is available now, and priced at £1949 (approx. AU$3,081).

Check out UDO Audio’s website for more.