UDO’s Super 6 synthesiser is arriving to dealers very soon

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UDO’s Super 6 synthesiser is arriving to dealers very soon

The company have stated that current events may cause some kind of shipping delay, but claim nevertheless that “the first series of Super 6 production has now been successfully completed. We continue to increase production daily, and are working towards making sure that all dealers who have ordered instruments receive them in the shortest possible time.”


If you need to jog your memory, the Super 6 was first unveiled last year at NAMM 2019, and acts as the debut offering from the Bristol-based audio manufacturers. It’s somewhat reminiscent of classic polyphonic Juno and CS units from the ’80s, boasting a rich sound with plenty of knobs, faders and buttons to interact with each parameter. The sound engine of the Super 6 is also based around a hybrid FPGA platform with analogue voices, utilising 7-core super-wavetable oscillator with ‘Waveform Download’ as its main oscillator while a second DDS oscillator offers FM, sync, X-Fade and sub-oscillator modes. Think hyper-modern versatility with an irresistibly cool retro sheen, and you’re somewhere in the ballpark.



Elsewhere, the Super 6 features an arpeggiator, step sequencer and 24-bit stereo effects engine with a Juno-style chorus and digital delay, as well as a Binaural mode which splits each channel into its own synth to make a huge stacked sound. We can’t wait to hear it in action!


Find out more about the UDO Super 6 via its website.