Tsakalis Audio Works unveil Room #40 amp simulator pedal

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Tsakalis Audio Works unveil Room #40 amp simulator pedal

(Source: Tsakalis Audio Works)
Words By Sam McNiece

Taking cues from Marshall amp design.

Haven’t you ever wanted your guitar tone to sound like it’s being played on a large festival stage? Greek pedal makers Tsakalis Audio Works do, and have released the Room #40 pedal which can recreate some of the best sounding Marshall amps around.

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This hand-built Room #40 pedal utilises jfet technology to recreate the tone of Marshall’s PLEXI Super Lead, PLEXI Super Bass and JPM/JCM800 models.

“Being huge fans of the sound of these classic amplifiers, that still continues to excite us through the music of so many artists, we decided to try and capture its mojo”

This pedal features two foot-switches, one for true bypass and the other for engaging boost mode. There are knobs for controlling the level, EQ and Variac, while a flick switch is used to change between 19 (PLEXI tones) and 20 (JPM/JCM800 tones).

In the quest for obtaining an authentic sound, Variac is used to dial in the amount of “sag” within the simulation. Sag is a term used to describe the drop of power supply voltage within an amplifier which occurs with transient signals. This creates a form of compression on the audio signal and can be quite pleasing when used correctly.

The aforementioned boost foot-switch has an adjustable parameter on the bottom of this pedal, useful for dialing in the perfect boosted sound.

Have a listen to some of the sweet tones created by the Room #40 in the video below.

For more information, take a look on the Tsakalis Audio Works website.