Google’s new A-Series Pixel Buds are their most affordable option yet

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Google’s new A-Series Pixel Buds are their most affordable option yet

Words by Eli Duxson

Boasting similar features to their more expensive line.

Google has revealed Pixel Buds A-Series, the third generation in the Pixel Buds series, succeeding the 2020 Pixel Buds. The new version is similar to their predecessor in most aspects barring the price with the A-Series a more budget-friendly option for those wanting to enter the earbud world.

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The A-Series includes a new stabiliser arc to ensure a good seal in your ear canal to hold their place, and spatial vents to prevent that feeling of in-ear pressure that often comes with earbuds.

The major omissions include the wireless charging case and swipe volume controls but besides those, the design shape and technical specifications are identical. However, you are still getting hands-free access to Google Assistant, real-time translation, and the same water and sweat resistance despite the lower price.

Without wireless charging capacity, the A-Series has the same USB-C charge time and capabilities as the Pixel Buds. Touch controls replace the swipe volume controls, you can tap either earbud once to play/pause, twice to skip the track, and three times to rewind.

From an audio perspective, it features 12-mm dynamic drivers that boast a relatively flat sound. It is unknown exactly how they will sound, but if they are anything like the full-price version then they may sound a little bright but with great stereo image and detail.

It is yet to be confirmed in Australia but is expected to cost around 130 dollars in Australia compared to the premium-featured 279 dollar Pixel Buds.

Budget is ultimate decider between A-Series and its predecessor, unless wireless charging and swipe controls are essential for you. Pixel Buds A-Series are available from June 17.

Take a look at the new features below.

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