Fireball Whisky and Brown Cardigan Launch Hell-O-Ween Party

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Fireball Whisky and Brown Cardigan Launch Hell-O-Ween Party

Trick or treat yourselves to a night of Fireball infused fancy; Brown Cardigan are back from the dead to bring the party to life with a deck list to make even the devil blush and angels lose hope.


The infamous Facebook and Instagram Australian Meme page haven’t let a couple of page deletions damage their disreputable rep, bouncing back with a bloody sinful excuse to throw a party.



Barbariƶn will lead a chorus of death metal kareoke while DJ Dunni, YO! Mafia, Ben Hunter aka Constable Smallsman and Shelley will all spin the night further into madness.


Taste buds will be torched with Fireball Whisky  putting up a demonic drink menu, joined by partners Pabst Blue Ribbon. Meanwhile, Brown Cardigan have prepared some mass madness a fire wheel of death to spin punters into destruction, confessional booths lurking in corners, performers in cages throughout the venue and more.


Darers must RSVP for a chance for free entry to the Thursday October 31 gig. For more info, head to the Eventbrite website.