TikTok user accidentally swallows AirPod, sends a voice note

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TikTok user accidentally swallows AirPod, sends a voice note

airpod swallowed
Words by Eli Duxson

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TikTok user @iamcarliiib has recently gone viral after sharing her story for “educational purposes” of how she accidentally swallowed one of her Apple AirPods.

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She mistook the wireless earphone for an Ibuprofen pill after holding an AirPod in her other hand, which still isn’t exactly an easy thing to do but I guess we’ve all had slip ups?

Carli said she threw something back, took a sip from her water bottle and quickly realised it wasn’t the Ibuprofen pill.

“I tried puking it up and it won’t come out,” she said hysterically. 

Carli naturally passed the AirPod, if you know what we’re saying, with her X-Ray not showing anything, as she affirmed the fact that she did not retrieve. It’s a bit of a lose-lose situation isn’t it?

It was still functioning as it made its way out however, with Carli later sharing that the AirPod was still connected to her phone when she made a call and voice note she sent included the swish-swash of her stomach’s sounds.

She claims she’s not the first person to do this and won’t be the last, documenting it for educational purposes, just ask Bradford Gauthier who could still see the AirPod inside him on his X-Ray.

Dare I say this is a point for the traditionalists who have yet to succumb to the wireless counterpart!