Technics debut the ‘entry-level’ SL-100C turntable

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Technics debut the ‘entry-level’ SL-100C turntable

Words by Will Brewster

It's one of their most affordable offerings yet.

By all accounts, Technics are considered as royalty among record enthusiasts. The famed Japanese manufacturer’s product range has been a mainstay of turntable setups both onstage and at home, and is highly regarded by audiophiles for their durability, dependability and incomparable sound quality.

However, if there’s ever been a worthy complaint against Technics, it’s that their turntables are a little out of reach for the average music fan to get their hands on without scooping deep into their savings account.

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With the announcement of the new ‘entry-level’ SL-100C, that all looks set to change, with Technics recently sharing details of their most affordable turntable yet.

Following on from the SL-1500C, the SL-100C acts as an extension of the famed SL family, and even shares a similar aesthetic to the legendary SL-1200 thanks to its aluminium S-shaped tonearm and direct-drive motor.

The unit also makes use of a VM95C pickup cartridge courtesy of Audio-Technica to provide the ‘sonic finesse to satisfy the demands of real music lovers’, while a two-layer platter, high-rigidity cabinet and vibration damping provides optimised tracking with minimal external interference

Other features include an automatic tonearm lift – because nobody likes to lift the tonearm – and a high-damping insulator to assist in tracking smoothness.

Given that it is an entry-level product, there are a few notably absent features on the SL-100C; DJs will be quick to note that there’s no way to change the turntable’s pitch or speed beyond 33rpm and 45rpm, and the unit is also void of a phono preamp.

Nevertheless, if you’re not too fussed about the finer details and are simply looking to spin your records at home on a turntable from one of the best in the business, this one’s definitely worth a shout.

Head across to Technics to check out the SL-100C in greater detail today.