TD-3-MO: Behringer’s modded 303 clone is now available

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TD-3-MO: Behringer’s modded 303 clone is now available

(Source: Behringer)
Words by Sam McNiece

Featuring some of the legendary devil fish mods

Behringer teased this new edition of the TD-3 early 2020 which was received poorly by the original Devil Fish creator, Robin Whittle who designed the mod back in 1993. But Behringer being the company they are, have followed through, continuing to reproduce old pieces of music equipment to make them accessible for the masses, and this particular piece is available now!

What you need to know:

  • Behringer have released an upgrade to their 303 clone, the TD-3 MO (Modded Out Edition).
  • This new revision features basically all the original Devil Fish modifications plus MIDI filtering and a sub oscillator.
  • The TD-3 MO can create a wider variety of sound textures than the original Roland 303.

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Fans of the original TD-3 clone will love this one. It’s the same analog circuitry from the original with new knobs to tweak and drive the sound.

From the Devil Fish mod, there’s a soft attack knob for creating more subtle acid sounds, normal and accent decay knobs which create two independent decay parameters, a key tracking filter for more organic filtering, overdrive and muffler to obtain those crunchy distorted squelches, frequency modulation and slide parameters.

Behringer have gone a step further, adding a sub oscillator can be set at three levels (low, mid and high), a MIDI controllable filter for sequencing with external equipment and a stack of new patching capabilities for hooking into a Eurorack setup.

The Muffler is a post-VCA soft-clip distortion circuit which retains bass response, a very cool feature especially when paired with the new sub oscillator which will help you obtain those wall shaking bass lines.

This edition is available in the standard grey and the yellow colour associated with the acid house smiley face from the ’90s.

Check it out in action below.

For more information head to the Behringer website.  For local enquiries, get in touch with Australis Music.