Tascam’s Mixcast 4 is a complete podcast studio

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Tascam’s Mixcast 4 is a complete podcast studio

Words by Sam McNiece

And functions as an audio interface too!

In the latest offering to the podcasting masses is Mixcast 4 from Tascam. This handy mixer and audio interface has everything you’d need to record and mix podcasts with four people in the same room plus bluetooth connections for additional callers.

What you need to know:

  • Tascam have released the Mixcast 4 Podcast Studio, an audio mixer, recorder and USB audio interface.
  • As the 4 in its name suggests, there’s four XLR inputs and four headphone outputs, created for podcasting with up to four people.
  • Bundled TASCAM Podcast Editor software and the 14 in/2 out interface adds value to the Mixcast 4 in non-podcast situations as well.

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With a layout similar to some other podcasting solutions, the Mixcast 4 is fully featured and can function as the centre of operations for podcast and content creation. It’s got eight faders, a 5″ touchscreen and eight performance pads to add samples and voice snippets to your content.

Tascam’s Mixcast 4 is designed for use with four people. Four XLR inputs for microphones and four headphone outputs are colour co-ordinated so you know who’s mic and headphone is who’s.

There’s in built bluetooth and TRRS (3.5mm) connections available for streaming and recording phone conversations or adding additional sounds to the table. The mix minus feature allow for feedback/echo free recordings and a pleasant experience for you and your guests.

Along with this, the Mixcast 4 comes bundled with Tascam Podcast Editor, allowing you to mix and release your recorded content without having to purchase additional software. You could even use the editing software to record audio through your device as it’s a 14 in/2 out audio interface as well.

Check out this video below detailing features for this new centre to the podcasting studio.

Head to Tascam for more information and for local enquiries hit up CMI.