Eight awesome podcasts for music gear fanatics and producers

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Eight awesome podcasts for music gear fanatics and producers

Words by Benjamin Lamb

From guitar gear to Ableton production tips.

Anyone with a microphone and a passion can make a podcast. They cross all genres from comedy to politics, and of course there’s a bunch of great music ones out there. Today we’re diving into some of the best music gear related podcasts that’ll give you some great tips, and show you some pretty awesome tricks of the trade.

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Premier Guitar Rig Rundown

If you’re a fan of Mixdown’s Gear Rundown series, then this is the podcast for you.  Premier Guitar’s knowledgeable team go into insane detail in these hour long episodes, covering every aspect of gear, from strings to pedals. 

They head backstage with the guitarists themselves, who explain and even demo all the gear they use, making it a massive learning experience indeed, helping you finally replicate the sounds of your favourite guitarists to near perfection.

It covers all types of genres too, some recent episodes include; Grace Potter, Volbeat, and Touché Amore. Give it a listen here. 

Strong Songs

Strong Songs dives into a much more theoretical look at our favourite music. During each episode, musician Kirk Hamilton pulls apart a piece of music, and slowly pieces it back together instrument by instrument.

This detailed analysis allowing the listener to really hear what’s going on behind some of their favourite songs, and showing us why they are so catchy.

He’s studied such songs as ‘Space Oddity’ by David Bowie, ‘Kiss’ by Prince, and even the world’s most famous silent song, ‘4’33’’ by John Cage. Check it out here. 

The Guitar Podcast

If your friends are constantly having guitar-lingo filled conversations and you’re struggling to keep up, then check out the aptly titled Guitar Podcast. Guitarist Loren Hunt covers all elements of guitar-playing in a pretty simple way, it’s like you’re having a chat to your mates dad who used to open for Cold Chisel in the 90’s.

Each episode focuses on a different element of guitar playing, like the difference between Les Paul’s, Strat’s and Tele’s, the different pedals you need on your pedal board or even just an interesting discussion about Marshall amps.

It’s definitely worth checking out here. 

Ableton Music Producer Podcast

As we all know, Ableton is a hugely influential software for all musos in this day and age, but it’s pretty tricky to get your head around. That’s where the Ableton Music Producer Podcast comes in. 

You’ll learn some great tips about Ableton from Dan Giffin who also has some in depth chats with leading industry heavyweights who know Ableton like the back of their hands. 

Check it out and give it a listen here. 

Producer Hive Podcast

Heading even further backstage now into the recording studio, and you’ll find the Producer Hive podcast. Each week, host Steven Taddei dives into the ins and outs of the production and recording of some of the best music out there.

It features chats with some of the best up and comers in the production scene, where they dive into the tech the use, production software they use, and some other awesome tricks of the trade.

There’s not many episodes out there, so make sure you savour them! Check it out here. 

The Modern Drummer Podcast With Mike and Mike

The modern drummer podcast is one of the best podcasts out there for all those drumming fanatics. Coming from the team behind the magazine of the same name, Mike Dawson and Mike Johnston dive into a regular discussion on all things drums, listen to them nerd out on drumming theory, some cool exercises and in depth discussion of industry news. 

On top of that, they give listeners some advice you can’t find anywhere else, and some great product reviews so you know what drum gear you need.

Check it out here. 

60 Cycle Hum 

One of the oldest gear podcasts on this list is 60 Cycle hum. Guitar buddies and bandmates Ryan Burke and Steve Rowe have a regular chat about everything even remotely related to playing their favourite instrument. 

Their long form discussions are full of hilarious jokes and anecdotes that makes it feel like you’re chatting to a couple of friends. Some of their awesome episodes have included diving into the funniest gear ads on Craigslist (pretty much the American Gumtree), and lots of discussion about the latest industry and gear news.

Check out some more info and listen here. 

The Truth About Vintage Amps

In what’s probably the most niche podcast out there, The Truth About Vintage Amps is as the name suggests, all about Old School Amplifiers. Shopping for second hand and run down amps can be a risky business, so Vintage amp specialists Jason Verlinde and Skip Simmons are here to help you out.

They chat about troubleshooting ancient amps, and things you should remember when it comes to purchasing one on a second hand site.

Check out some more info here.

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