Tascam announces firmware update for the Mixcast 4

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Tascam announces firmware update for the Mixcast 4

Words by Mixdown Staff

Version 1.30 will be available for downloaded later this month!

Tascam has announced a firmware update for the Mixcast 4 podcast workstation will be available later in July. 

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Introduced features in version 1.30 includes individual level adjustment for each of the eight sound pads found on the unit for further control of the mix. 

Furthermore, the sound pad banks can now be switched between while recording (looking at you live streamers). Each of the eight sound pads boast eight banks to allow for 64 sounds to be stored on the unit, that’s a lot of flexibility during recording.

A normalise function enables audio assigned to the pads to automatically optimise its level, an essential for live event production according to Tascam.

The unit’s talkback functionality has also improved with its output now available to the USB, Bluetooth, and TRRS connections, not just the four headphone outs as it previously was.

Keep your eyes peeled to the Mixcast 4 download page for the v1.30 firmware update which is expected to become available in late July. 

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