Get in on Support Act’s End of Financial Year Drive

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Get in on Support Act’s End of Financial Year Drive

Support Act Crowd

Support Act provide support to professionals experiencing financial hardship, and they need your help!

For the current year alone, Support Act have provided support to almost 1000 professionals working in the creative music field and hope to continue the support throughout the next year— and you can be a part of supporting working professionals for the year to come. We’ve seen a massive upswing in the number of grants provided in the last few years, and the future can be a very uncertain time.

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We all need help from time to time, and as freelancers, gig workers, musicians and events professionals to name a few of the people Support Act support, income can be unstable at the best of times.

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Things happen, and a life on the road can be equally stressful with volatile, unpredictable gig work, manual labour, gruelling travel times, as well as accidents, injuries and illnesses that are difficult or impossible to prevent. Support Act aim to alleviate the stress and pressure of the financial hardship that comes with having to take time off – often in a casual, freelance or gig-based job where there’s no sick leave, annual leave or time in lieu. Even events that affect someone’s family might require them to take time off work, leaving them without income.

The End of Financial Year Drive is one final push to help raise funds for Support Act for the next year, providing support to music industry workers in need and keeping the creative industry moving. The show must go on.

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