Suhr unveils Discovery pedal which adds modern features to an analogue delay

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Suhr unveils Discovery pedal which adds modern features to an analogue delay

(Source: Suhr)
Words by Sam McNiece

It's a Bucket Brigade delay with a soft clipping limiter and more.

Suhr unleash their feature-laden analogue delay pedal, Discovery to the world. Typically with analogue pedals you get fantastic tone but they usually lacks some of the bells and whistles featured on digital pedals. The Discovery fills this void, showing you can have the best of both worlds.

What you need to know:

  • Suhr have released an analogue delay pedal with modern digital features.
  • The Discovery features a Bucket Brigade delay with modulation, filters and 127 presets.
  • Unique to this pedal is a soft-clipping limiter which allows for unlimited feedback without blowing your amp.

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Suhr’s Discovery pedal has a lot going for it. First up there’s the four MN3005 Bucket Brigade delay chips which are the same make used in the original Memory Man delays.

Functionally, there’s delay time, mix and regen (feedback) knobs which do all the classic delay parameters. There’s hi and lo cut knobs for sculpting the delay and speed and depth which relate to modulation.

Delay time is selectable via the large knob on the middle of the device or via the tap tempo foot switch. The button on the top right of the device can change the tempo division from 1/4 to 1/16 with dotted, regular and triplet 1/8 notes in between. Discovery functions with delay times from 17-2000ms while using the up and down buttons in addition to the time knob.

Modulation can be set between sine, square and triangle waves via the flashing button between the speed and depth knobs. The button acts as visual feedback for how you’re affecting the delayed audio signal.

There’s 127 presets to save and recall on the Discovery, which is more than most people will find a use for. Setting them is simple, hold the preset button and define what you want to save and then save it! Utilising an expression pedal, you can save ranges for the Discovery to move between on a specific preset, adding further functionality to this unit.

If that wasn’t enough, the soft clipping limiter allows for infinite feedback loops to be used tonally and not break your amp or your ears.

Check out this video below to see the Discovery in action.

For more information, head to the Suhr website.