Spitfire Audio unleash cinematic sample instrument library Albion Solstice

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Spitfire Audio unleash cinematic sample instrument library Albion Solstice

(Source: Spitfire Audio)
Words by Sam McNiece

Inspired by folk and heritage instruments and intended for scoring.

Spitfire Audio create scoring tools and sound libraries for the modern film composer. They aim to create realistic and sophisticated recordings of instruments to use within DAWs the world over. Their Albion range is designed to be “Everything you need to make modern cinematic music straight out of the box.”

What you need to know:

  • Cinematic virtual instrument maker Spitfire Audio release a collection based on folk instruments.
  • Features string, brass, wind, guitar and percussion replications by themselves or in curated ensembles.
  • Original audio for this library was recorded at Castle Sound Studios with Clockwork Sessions musicians.

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Albion Solstice is a sample library for modern scoring applications inspired by heritage instruments. The pack is a whopping 73GB of audio, a testament to their no holds barred approach to sampling.

The library is broken up into three parts, The Solstice Orchestra, The Cassette Orchestra and The Drone Grid.

The Solstice Orchestra is a collection of organic sounds curated by Christian Henson, working with players form the traditional music scene in the UK. It showcases folk and contemporary instrument ensembles from this region in stunning detail including rarely sampled instruments like the nyckelharpa and Celtic fiddles.

There is a large variation of articulations and combinations of instruments available with options in their strings section to choose how they are mic’d up, a cool feature.

The Cassette Orchestra is a set of 150 presets from 750 sound sources. All presets have been mangled, distorted and fiddled with to achieve an imperfect sound which you can further tweak via Spitfire Audio’s eDNA engine.

This library is processed with a range of effects including vintage cassette machines, pedalboards, modular Eurorack systems and a Roland RE-301 Chorus Echo.

Finally, The Drone Grid is a collection of long, evolving textures able to be interacted with through their Evo grid. This grid allows you to layer sounds from different parts of The Solstice Orchestra together.

Randomisation is available within The Drone Grid to quickly create a unique sound on the fly.

Spitfire Audio worked closely with Clockwork Sessions musicians to create this library, which was recorded at Castle Sound Studios.

Albion Solstice is compatible with NKS (Native Instruments’ sample and VST browser) for simple integration into your setup.

Check out the trailer for the collection below.

To find out more, go to Spitfire Audio’s website.