Shady Nasty share new single “G-SHOCK”

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Shady Nasty share new single “G-SHOCK”

Shady Nasty Feature

Shady Nasty share their new single “G-SHOCK”, with lyrics following their motor vehicle motif, and it’s something we can all relate to.

Things can become monotonous, and we all need that light at the end of the tunnel, or servo at the end of the road per se, to look forward to. For a lot of us, our jobs finance our hobbies, and Shady Nasty speak to this in their unique brand of rock, re-energised with hip-hop style beats and rap. In Shady Nasty’s G-SHOCK, There’s a unique sense of self awareness in the lyrics, the hook “only for a second” repeating as we acknowledge this new purchase will only satisfy us for a moment.

“G-SHOCK is the next chapter of Kevin’s blinding obsession with hotted up cars. The tedium of daily life is clouded by accelerated visions of yet another modification and stretch of empty asphalt.”

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“G-SHOCK” follows the CLUBSMOKE EP and CHEST HEIGHT single, from 2021 and 2022 respectively, from the Eora-based trio. It sees the boys shift into a more electronic focused sound, thanks to producer Kim Moyes (The Presets). Shady Nasty seamlessly blend all their influences into an entirely new genre, their own take on rock, pop and rap. The tone of Shady Nasty’s “G-SHOCK” is melancholic, making way for the lyrics surrounding car mods, but in true Shady Nasty fashion, it’s speaking to so much more. The trio have received international acclaim for their calm, sombre melodies that comment on the trivial minutiae of things.

The last few years has seen a consistent stream of single from Shady Nasty, with a following building and a sound becoming more defined. They blend rap, rock, pop and electronic for their own take of each genre, ultimately shaping the sound of Shady Nasty. July will see them tour throughout the East Coast of Australia, starting at sideway bar in Ngambri/Canberra on July 7.

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