Seymour Duncan release feature-laden Vapor Trail Deluxe pedal

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Seymour Duncan release feature-laden Vapor Trail Deluxe pedal

(Source: Seymour Duncan)
Words by Sam McNiece

With four interesting delay modes to choose from.

Seymour Duncan expand on their analogue Vapor Trail delay pedal, adding different modes to interact with, modulation and cool new routing options.

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The Vapor Trail Deluxe is 100% analogue, utilising four bucket-brigade chips which allows it to have delay times of up to 1.2 seconds.

It has six knobs which control Dry/Wet Mix, Repeats, Time, Depth/Multi, Rate and Mode selection. It’s a mono in and out pedal with a Wet Insert jack that allows you to add effects to the delayed signal without affecting the dry one. There’s two multi-use foot-switches, for enabling presets, switching the effect on and off, and tapping tempo.

This delay pedal can create a wide range of gorgeous tones through its four selectable modes. First up is micro delay, which shortens the time parameter allowing for slap back style delays. Next is Pitch Sequence which shifts delays up and down an octave in sequence, utilising the modulation knobs to change the length and amount of steps.

Runaway mode allows the tap tempo foot-switch to be used as infinite feedback. Holding it down activates the feedback loop and releasing lets it go. Finally there is Pitch Bender which will quickly glide the signal down or up in pitch depending on where the depth/multi switch is set.

In addition to all this, you can setup an expression pedal to control one or more parameters of the Vapor Trail Deluxe pedal.

Check out this pedal in action below.

For more information check out Seymour Duncan.