Secret Sounds announces new club night ‘Ground Level’ at one of Sydney’s most iconic venues – the Landsdowne Hotel

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Secret Sounds announces new club night ‘Ground Level’ at one of Sydney’s most iconic venues – the Landsdowne Hotel

Ground level club night
Words by Mixdown Staff

Secret Sounds have announced their new monthly club night ‘Ground Level’, kicking off on Thursday May 18.

Secret Sounds are thrilled to announce their new monthly club night ‘Ground Level’ kicking off on Thursday May 18 2023, showcasing the very best local and emerging talent, alongside surprise international guests.

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The first instalment will feature Western Sydney Hip-Hop artist ISAAC PUERILE, Sydney Electronic/Reggaeton artist CHERRY CHOLA, Newcastle Hyper-Pop/Rap collective CRATERFACE & Sydney SoundCloud rapper LILPIXIE. Secret Sounds is committed to bringing world-class entertainment to the people of Sydney, and The Lansdowne Hotel which has long been a fixture of Sydney’s vibrant music scene, provides the perfect home for this. Kickstarting the night, Sydney SoundCloud rapper LIlPIXIE, with their recent single release of A MIDSUMMER NIGHTMARE (RENDITION) on 23 March, 19-year-old queer, alt artist LILPIXIE is taking over the Western Sydney music scene. Beginning on SoundCloud with influences such as ABRA and CLIP, LILPIXIE is beginning to redefine the boundaries of rap through their heartfelt lyricism. What originally began as a coping mechanism to heal trauma, is now creating waves in the culture of Sydney underground.

Mulubinba Hyper-Pop/Hip-Hop duo CRATERFACE aka Baby bruh & Taki Local, with their recent release of single ‘Sloth’, and two extended releases under their belt thus far; Don’t Be Confused (2019) & BURN AFTER LISTENING (2020), a string of stand alone singles and their three-part SoundCloud mixtape series THE DIVINE CHATROOM, Crater have been pushing boundaries through their mind-bending sound and visual experience since 2019 and pull influence from with Injury Reserve, Death Grips, BROCKHAMPTON and JPEGMAFIA.

CHERRY CHOLA is a Sydney based artist bringing the new wave of Electronic Pop Reggaeton music to Australia. Her music blends multiple genres to create a new sound that reflects inspiration from her Venezuelan background, connection to fantasy and love for all the pretty things <3 Her songs are upbeat, danceable and fun, often written with Spanish vocals over reggaeton type drums.

Closing out the night, ISAAC PUERILE recently released OUTSIDE + PARANOID, the Western Sydney, artist and producer (pronounced Pew-rile) has long been a pioneer in his right within the Australian Rap scene. His sophomore EP ‘i hate you too’ – a follow-up to his debut album ‘I Hate You, I Hate You, I Fucking Hate You’ – forgoes the obvious next steps from an artist of his ilk by instead meshing elements of Rap, Pop, UK Garage and his own distinctly raw approach to music-making, proving assuredly that he is unlike any other. With plenty of versatile releases under his belt, Isaac ended 2022 on a high with “SODA”, an infectious, jersey-club-infused single that saw him land at the top of cult online publication Dog Scraps ‘Best Of Australian Rap 2022″ list and earn a prestigious slot as an Acclaim All-Star.

For tickets and more information, head to Secret Sounds.