Roland’s mobile GO:MIXER gets an upgrade with the PRO-X model

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Roland’s mobile GO:MIXER gets an upgrade with the PRO-X model

(Source: Roland)
Words by Sam McNiece

The portable sound mixer levels up with extra input options.

The popular GO:MIXER from Roland which provides professional quality audio for use on livestreams and mobile recordings receives a new revision for 2021.

What you need to know:

  • Roland have released the GO:MIXER PRO-X portable smartphone mixer.
  • The device now has an additional input and pad option for dedicated guitar/bass inputs.
  • GO:MIXER PRO-X can be battery powered and connect to most portable devices.

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Designed with musicians and streamers in mind, the GO:MIXER PRO-X features seven inputs (11 input channels), which can be used to plug in a variety of instruments, mics and even your phone via the 3.5mm jack.

Its simple plug and play layout allows easy implementation of extra musicians/panelists with all the level controls accessible on top of this small form factor device.

There’s a handy slot to place your mobile device which can act as a stand if you’re planning on streaming with video. This also allows stable connection between the GO:MIXER and your device as it won’t be moving about while you’re streaming.

New to this iteration is an additional input with headphone/headset mics and the guitar/bass input now has a switchable pad. Perfect for if they’re coming in too hot.

The GO:MIXER PRO-X connects via USB to your device and also comes with a TRRS cable so you can connect to virtually any device. The USB connection can provide power to the PRO-X and additionally be used as an audio interface and with mobile production apps such as Roland’s Zen Beats.

Take a look a this portable audio mixer below.

For more information have a look at Roland’s website.