Presonus Studio One 5.3 update: Sound Variation improvements, drag ‘n’ drop + more

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Presonus Studio One 5.3 update: Sound Variation improvements, drag ‘n’ drop + more

(Source: PreSonus)
Words by Sam McNiece

The release provides quality of life updates and new features for composers, live and studio musicians alike.

Studio One from Presonus is a vast and feature-rich DAW. Following on from an update just a few months ago, Presonus have released Studio One 5.3, with various updates to enhance user experience and workflow.

What you need to know:

  • Presonus have updated their digital audio workstation, Studio One.
  • Improvements include Sound Variation now features dynamics and musical symbols, drag ‘n’ drop Chord Events, presets and patches and new formatting options.
  • The update is available now for all Studio One users.

Read all the latest product news here.

First up, Presonus has tackled Sound Variation, integrating Musical Symbols and Dynamics Processing. For people utilising musical scores in Studio One, there is now note-based (i.e. Staccato) and range-based (i.e. Vibrato) symbols at your disposal which communicate with virtual instruments directly.

Also new with Sound Variations is the ability to switch MIDI Channels. This is useful for changing patches on external hardware or through Kontakt instruments.

On Show Page, you can now drag FX chains onto a song which will automatically create a new patch and apply it. Additionally, virtual instruments will now switch uninterrupted between songs, allowing your pad sound to ring out while you start playing the next track.

On exporting from Studio One, you can now create .ZIP files, convert all media to .FLAC and exclude unused media to keep your file sizes down. This makes sharing files through PreSonus Sphere or just sending them to a friend simpler and more time efficient.

With the Chord Track, you can now drag any Chord Event down onto the timeline to create a MIDI chord within an instrument track. Great for auditioning and quickly making changes to your track.

Finally in this update, Presonus have added MPE support for VST3 instruments in Studio One. One for all the ROLI heads out there.

Check out all the new features in this video below.

Head to PreSonus for more information on this update.