Roland release mini-doc, telling the story of Detroit Techno

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Roland release mini-doc, telling the story of Detroit Techno

Somehwere in Detroit
Words by Mixdown staff

"Somewhere in Detroit” takes viewers into the heart and soul of Detroit techno, narrated by the visionaries who pioneered its past and are moulding its future.

Roland Corporation announces the world premiere of the new short film about Detroit’s greatest musical collective since Motown, the cooperative and record label dubbed Submerge and UR (Underground Resistance). The mini-documentary reveals intimate conversations, providing unique insights into the tight-knit co-op at the centre of Detroit techno—the creators, pioneers, and futurists who embody the spirit of the genre.

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Somewhere in Detroit

Today marked the worldwide debut of the film on the Roland Global YouTube channel. Roland Articles has also published an in-depth story, Underground Resistance, Submerge, and the Detroit Way, featuring voices from the documentary expanding on its themes with exclusive anecdotes. Roland and Submerge celebrated the release with private previews of the film at the Detroit Public Library onFebruary 28 and the GRAMMY Museum in Los Angeles during GRAMMY Week on February 2.

In this compelling short film, Roland, Submerge, and Underground Resistance deliver personable insights into the inception of the Detroit techno collective. Along the way, the documentary examines the waves of Detroit’s creative community, pulling up a chair to sit with individual member sas they speak candidly and reflect on their unique roles. This mini-doc provides meaningful points of view, illuminating the visionary artists driving the movement and spotlighting techno’s African American roots—an often-overlooked narrative.

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