Roland rebrands portable Cube speakers under BOSS and introduce Street II

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Roland rebrands portable Cube speakers under BOSS and introduce Street II

(Source: BOSS)
Words by Sam McNiece

A buskers favourite battery powered amplifier.

Roland’s widely used CUBE speaker is back and with a BOSS logo on it. If you’ve been to a city before, I guarantee you’ve heard music played through one of these things. It’s the buskers speaker of choice on the go and continuing down that path, the Street II delivers more features than before.

What you need to know:

  • Roland has moved their popular CUBE amplifiers to BOSS branding and introduced a new product.
  • CUBE Street II is a battery powered, portable amplifier designed for street performers.
  • Wireless connectivity allows for recording, streaming and audio mixing with ease.

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The next-generation of this popular amp comes with some cool additions. First off there’s an optional Bluetooth adaptor that allows you to stream music from your phone to the amp and allows use of the CUBE Street II editor. This free app allows you to change settings that aren’t accessible via the controls on the amp including advanced effect settings, in depth mixing and more.

The amp itself has had its output power doubled, allowing up to 10 watts of stereo audio which is a great upgrade. The enclosure is an ABS injection-moulded design which is lighter and more durable than its predecessor.

CUBE Street II has two inputs, one combo jack XLR/jack input and one regular jack input. The combo jack input, called the Mic/Instrument channel has a three-band EQ, reverb and harmony settings while the Guitar/Mic channel comes with nine amp simulations, EQ, chorus/delay, reverb and a tuner.

With the option to use one of BOSS’s foot switches, the Street II has 45 seconds of looping available, again showing that they are dedicated to servicing the busker community.

The Street II runs on eight AA batteries or can be powered by an included AC adapter which is great for home use.

This all in one solution for buskers will be available very soon.

Check out an intro to the Street II below.

Head over to BOSS for more info.