Bludgeon ’51 Nocaster by Fender and Joe Bonamassa is now available

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Bludgeon ’51 Nocaster by Fender and Joe Bonamassa is now available

(Source: Fender)
Words by Sam McNiece

With only 100 of these guitars to ever be produced.

Legendary guitar brand Fender has teamed up with Joe Bonamassa, one of the worlds best blues guitarists, to produce a limited run custom shop model. The Bludgeon is a recreation of the Fender Nocaster, a guitar that was shipped without a model name in the ’50s due to a legal dispute between Gretsch and Fender.

What you need to know:

  • Fender has partnered with Joe Bonamassa to release a limited-edition custom built guitar.
  • There are only 100 units available worldwide, which are produced one at a time by Greg Fessler.
  • The Bludgeon is a recreation of one of Joe’s favourite guitars, and is ready to order now.

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Before the Telecaster, there was the Nocaster, which happens to be one of Joe Bonamassa’s favourite Fender models on which he says “I’ve probably played it at 700 shows”. Announced earlier this year and inspired by the Nocaster, The Bludgeon is a limited run guitar, custom built by Fender Master Builder Greg Fessler.

Featuring Seymour Duncan Custom single-coil and humbucker pickups created to best replicate the original. That includes making sure the middle pickup selection is out of phase, they’ve really gone the extra mile with this one. Not only that, they have recreated all the distressing, wear and tear from Joe’s original, for that authentic ‘700th gig’ feel.

The Bludgeon has a 2-piece ash body, with a maple neck shaped after Joe’s. There’s a Phenolic black pickguard, brass barrel saddles and vintage-style tuning machines. For purchasing one of these, you get a certificate of authenticity, to make sure your friends know you own a 1/100 Fender.

Along with all that, there’s an embroidered case with Joe’s signature on it. This is definitely one for the collectors.

Check out Joe demo this guitar and chat with Greg Fessler, who’s gonna make all 100 of these below.

To purchase one of this, head to Joe Bonamassa’s website.