RØDE PSA1+: A professional studio microphone stand for content creators

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RØDE PSA1+: A professional studio microphone stand for content creators

two people talking into microphones on RODE PSA1+ stands
Words by Sam McNiece

With 360 degrees of movement.

Australian based RØDE microphones have just announced a new microphone boom arm ideal for content creation and podcasting. The PSA1+ allows for setup on any desk with the ability to position your microphone at virtually any angle imaginable.

What you need to know:

  • RØDE have released the PSA1+ microphone boom arm which can be attached to any desk.
  • The design has five points of movement and a full 360 degree rotation on its base for flexible placement.
  • The sleek PSA1+ features cable management, allowing for XLR and USB cables to be run to microphones regardless of placement.

Read all the latest product news here.

The latest of microphone accessories from RØDE, the PSA1+ is capable of holding microphone weighing up to 1.2kg which is great news for those using some of the heavier broadcast microphones. It features fully damped internal springs to ensure quiet and smooth movement while adjusting microphone positions.

In regards to attaching microphones, both 3/8 and 5/8 inch thread sizes are compatible via the included adapter which means any microphone can attach to the stand. Along the boom stand, there is clips suitable for XLR and USB cables which ensure they’re out of sight and out of mind. The high quality locking nuts make adjustments easy whilst holding strong once in place.

Included with the stand is both a desk mount clamp and threaded desk mount, so those with professional working desks and upstarts alike can attach the stand to whatever surface available. While adjusting the stand, the base is capable of moving in a full 360 degree circle, allowing for flexible placement of your front or side address microphones.

The RØDE PSA1+ is available now and is retailing for AU$199 (US$129).

Check out the intro video for the product below.

Head to RØDE for more information on this new microphone stand.