Rhodes MK8 details finally released

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Rhodes MK8 details finally released

Rhodes MK8 keyboard product shot
Words by Sam McNiece

Available to purchase from today!

After what seemed like an eternity of teasers and speculation, the Rhodes MK8 is finally here. Debuting today on their website for pre-subscribers, the highly sought after units will be available for purchase.

What you need to know:

  • Rhodes have unveiled the full specifications for their new MK8 keyboard.
  • After months of teasing, word has broken that the keyboards will be available today to people who have subscribed to the website.
  • There is only 300 of the Rhodes MK8 keyboards being produced in 2022 and will be on a first come first served basis.

Read all the latest product news here.

The electro-mechanical keyboard that is considered a classic in regards to both its sound timbre and status within the audio community is back, and better than ever.

The steel tines and magnetic pickups are back with new takes on hammer tips, damper combs and felts. The frame of the MK8 is made up of oak and beech wood.

Onboard the Rhodes MK8 is a custom preamp with control parameters for volume, envelop and drive paired with an all analog equaliser and vari-pan control including four different waveforms.

An optional effects unit can be ordered which is built into the front panel of the keyboard which contains compression, phaser, BBD (Bucket Brigade Device) chorus and BBD delay.

The unit features stereo XLR outputs, jack outs, effects send/return and a direct pickup out for pairing with an external preamp of your choosing.

The Rhodes MK8 will be available today (November 1, 2021) for people who have subscribed to their newsletter with public access available from December 1, 2021.

According to a Facebook post made by Rhodes a few days ago, there will only be 500 of the MK8 keyboards manufactured in 2022, which seems small for such a revered brand. If you want to get your mitts on one, best get in quick!

Head to the Rhodes website to order one of these iconic keyboards.