Rare 1966 Universal Audio tube mixing console for sale

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Rare 1966 Universal Audio tube mixing console for sale

Bill Putnam Sr

How has Universal Audio’s LUNA been treating you? Need some more analogue grit? How about this Universal Audio console?

A 1966 Universal Audio tube console, originally built for Caesar’s Palace and used by the likes of the Rat Pack, is for sale. While the price may be eye watering, it serves as much as a piece of audio history as a piece of recording equipment.

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Bill Putnam Sr. founded Universal Audio in 1958, and while under his tenure, procured recordings for artists like Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole and Ray Charles. His experience led him to producing high quality audio equipment, featuring all the technology he had available to him, as well as increasingly comprehensive routing options to assist monitoring, recording and mixing. The ubiquitous 610 Recording Console, recognisable by the big Bakelite knobs, preceded this console, while this console also sees the addition of faders and more complete EQ options.

At a glance, the console features 38 1008 tube preamp modules, as well 21 Universal Audio 508 EQ modules (spread across channels and echo sends). There’s three Universal Audio 550 Filters, three Universal Audio 500 EQs and three Langevin 252 Graphic EQs. It was originally ordered and installed at the Circus Maximus supper club, including (now removed) extra non-audio features such as a curtain control.

UA Console 2

After Circus Maximus closed in 2000, the console was partially parted out, before actor and musician Vincent Gallo purchased the remnants of the desk. The follow years saw him chasing down the original amplifiers and restoring the console to its former glory.

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