ZVEX Announce 20th Anniversary Fuzz Factory Pedal

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ZVEX Announce 20th Anniversary Fuzz Factory Pedal


Pedals often come and go on a guitarist’s board, and whole lines can fade into anonymity quickly in such a competitive space as the fuzz world, so it is a testament to the high quality the Zachary Vex’s fuzz pedal has stuck around for 20 years.


To celebrate this longevity, there will be 25 specially made pedals, all hand painted by longtime ZVEX artist Lisa McGrath in a Bauhaus-inspired design. The pedals will come with a certificate of authenticity signed by Vex and McGrath, a commemorative 20th Anniversary plate and a lifetime warranty.


The hefty price tag of around $655AUD will not dissuade the most adamant of ZVEX fans, and with only 25 made they will no doubt be gone pretty soon.



To get your hands on this collectors item, head over to the ZVEX website.