You Can Now Make Bangers At A Dutch McDonalds

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You Can Now Make Bangers At A Dutch McDonalds


McDonalds is probably one of the better chains when it comes to keeping up with the times, and now offer ‘healthy’ options like salads and wraps and the option to design your own ‘gourmet’ burger, while still maintaining staples like the greasy Big Mac that you want at the end of a night out.


However even for them this is a totally new direction. In the Netherlands they have introduced a carry tray mat with ink that sends real time Bluetooth information to the app running on your smartphone. This allows you to make music from the mat, essentially.


They have in-built functionality for synths, audio sampling and an effects unit, and the people in the promotional video certainly look like they’re having a ball of a time. It seems like a pretty cool idea, but McDonalds hasn’t announced a wider release of the McTrax yet, so unless you’re prepared to fly to the Netherlands for some nuggets you might be waiting a while for it.


The worst thing about this might actually be that you have to eat at Maccas…



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