Your old iPod is worth a sh**load of money

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Your old iPod is worth a sh**load of money

Words by Mixdown Staff

But just how much is your iPod worth?

Well, it’s time to dive into the old technology junk drawer or box and dig out a nugget of gold, because old Apple gear – new and used – is going for heaps online.

It could be a vintage thing, a Steve Jobs legacy thing, or just an ‘old stuff is heaps better because why does my watch need to tell me how many calories I’ve burnt since breakfast’ thing, but whatever it is, it’s driving demand and prices for old and discontinued Apple gear through the roof.

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Since Apple announced in 2014 that it would be discontinuing the iPod, it has become a collector’s item. Take this 2nd generation iPod photo for example, which, despite not being guaranteed to work, is listed at a starting price of $1200. Or this US$20,000 2nd Generation iPod Classic, sealed as new. Or even this old, presumably broken and fairly dirty iPod Classic which is listed for US$45.

There are even some more obscure listings out there, like a poster for the original iPod, or this poster for the special edition U2 iPod, a bunch of old brochures, or even this person trying to flog their original iPad for US$700, only five years after its discontinuation.

These offers might seem optimistic, and I can hardly imagine that they would be sold for as much as the listed prices, but there is certainly plenty of keen Apple fans out there who would be happy to throw chunks of cash at these vintage products. If you don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on these old iPods, you can probably pick up a new iPhone for quite a bit less, but be careful when you’re opening it, especially if you’re on national TV like the poor bloke below was:

The real question is, what do I currently own that will one day be worth a small fortune? I think I’m going to hold onto my Kindle just incase…